Broadcast TV Technology versus DTH

When television started becoming a craze in the Indian market, it started with the broadcast television technology.

  1. DTH or satellite TV is a wireless system, digital in nature and transmits television programs directly to the subscriber’s home with the help of a satellite and a dish antenna.

Broadcast technology also use signals to transmit program to the viewer’s home using a powerful antenna based at the broadcast station to transmit radio waves in the surrounding area of the antenna. Viewers would pick up the signal from this big sized antenna using a much smaller antenna.

  1. One of the main limitations of the broadcast technology was the range. Since it is a terrestrial broadcast system, to pick up the signals, the home antenna had to be placed in a straight line to the broadcast antenna. Trees and houses coming in between the signal line could hamper the signal quality.

Satellite technology uses the satellites that are orbiting the Earth thereby solving the range issue. The satellites being really high above the earth, the signals can be accessed by many more customers compared to the earlier technology.

  1. Another big limitation of the broadcast technology was that it worked fine for a single channel. In case of multiple channels, the setting of the home antenna in the proper direction was a tedious and difficult task that resulted in bad image and sound quality.

The DTH system as we all know facilitates a huge number of channels that the viewers have the flexibility to choose from.

  1. The other main difference between both the technologies is the quality of picture and sound. Since satellite technology transmits digital signals the quality of images and sound is much more advanced as compared to the distorted images that we got to see using the broadcast technology.
  1. Lastly, in case of the broadcast system, it required only one time payment for purchasing the television set along with the antenna. The service engineer would visit the home and install the television and fix the antenna to start receiving the signals.

With the DTH technology, a one-time payment for the set top box and the dish antenna is a pre-requisite. However, it also needs a DTH recharge on a periodic basis to keep watching the television programs on a regular basis. The viewer has a choice of choosing from different plans available – for example, monthly DTH recharge; 3-monthly recharge plan, half-yearly recharge plan and annual recharge plan. Modern technology has made recharge a very easy and simple process – one can carry out a DTH recharge from the online website of the DTH service provider or one of the third party website or App like Phonepe, Mobikwik and Paytm.

The direct to home technology is considered one of the best inventions of mankind. It has helped in the advancement of the entertainment industry like never before. The latest technology that is soon to catch up in the market is the 4K technology that basically provides the highest possible resolution of the display on television screens.